Yes, it is the biggest opportunity in at least 70 years for organizations to truly transform themselves.

The last big opportunity was in the 1950s, when IBM saw the urgent need to gain agility in the face of uncertainty, which the world had never experienced before, unfortunately, their good intentions were highjacked by failed schemes devised by “experts” and the endless “re-engineering” flop.

In 2020, the pandemic catalyzed a major organizational transformation at the global level by forcing organizations to accept employees working from home. Yet, most organizations seemed reluctant to do it, or did it by force and not…

Blaming plastic for all the pollution around them is like blaming guns for all the deaths around them.

Wake up world!

Plastics are much more efficient at fulfilling their purpose than most of those supposedly “environmentally-friendly,” or “bio-degradable” alternatives, especially paper, yes, paper!

I have yet to see paper biodegrade or decompose under most landfill designs.

I have been writing about it for almost three decades.

The real culprit are those little-known perverse subsidies pushed by unethical lobbyist groups at the service of powerful vested interests.

Human behavior is undoubtedly one of the most complex things in the universe, e.g…

You must have certainly heard this so many times but perhaps never wondered what a foolish and pathetic statement this is.

Think about it!

It is an easy cop-out, an “acceptable excuse” for any type of incompetence and/or failure.

Yes, no one is perfect. However, we have all been called to be perfect as our Creator is perfect!

What is the most important job you do, however you define it?

What is the value of work in your life?

Do you know what is your dream job? Is there your dream job?

It’s all a matter of attitude!

We have…

Seguramente debe haber escuchado esto tantas veces, pero tal vez nunca se haya preguntado qué afirmación tan tonta y patética es esta.


Es una excusa fácil, una “excusa aceptable” para cualquier tipo de incompetencia y / o fracaso.

Sí, nadie es perfecto. Sin embargo, ¡todos hemos sido llamados a ser perfectos como nuestro Creador es perfecto!

¿Cuál es el trabajo más importante que usted hace, como sea que lo defina?

¿Cuál es el valor del trabajo en su vida? ¿

Cuál es el trabajo de sus sueños?

¿Existe el trabajo de sus sueños?

Todo es cuestión de actitud!


Death can be looked at from many different perspectives, it’s just a matter of attitude, and attitude is a matter of desire, and this is the trillion-dollar question:

Where does desire come from?

I have written already about it, so I will not dwell on it. I will only say this: Desire is a matter of Spiritual Consciousness of the highest possible purpose a human can have. The power of desire resides more in our ability to open and/or close our mind and heart than on anything else, even reality itself. …

We humans, and all other creatures, dislike anything that pushes us from our comfort zone. Fortunately, unlike all other creatures, we can know and do better.

Few events have pushed the global population from its comfort zone as Covid-19 did. Yet, very few humans have been able to see it as a blessings in disguise.

You see, every negative thing we experience in life can be a blessing in disguise if we choose it to be so.

Yes, it is a matter of attitude.

Your car broke down? Maybe that saved you from having a deadly accident.

Did your family…

A los humanos, y a todas las demás criaturas, no nos gusta nada que nos saque de nuestra zona de confort. Afortunadamente, a diferencia de todas las demás criaturas, los humanos podemos saberlo y hacerlo mejor.

Pocos eventos han sacado a la población mundial de su zona de confort como lo hizo Covid-19. Sin embargo, muy pocos humanos han podido verlo como una bendición disfrazada.

Verás, cada cosa negativa que experimentamos en la vida puede ser una bendición disfrazada si así lo elegimos. Sí, es una cuestión de actitud!

¿Tu coche se averió? …

Never ceases to amaze me how, in plain 21st century, there are still people who believe in a magic god, a Merlin god.

They take the scriptures literally and truly believe man and woman were created from mud and brought into life by the breath of their Merlin god.

God, The Almighty, is not a Merlin god.

Then, there are others who foolishly think that science contradicts religion. When in fact, science and true religion, complement and support each other.

Creation and evolution support and complement each other. …

Nunca deja de sorprenderme cómo, en pleno siglo XXI, todavía hay personas que creen en un dios mágico, un dios Merlín.

Toman las escrituras literalmente y creen verdaderamente que el hombre y la mujer fueron creados a partir del barro y cobraron vida por el aliento de su dios Merlín.

Dios, el Todopoderoso, no es un dios Merlín.

Tambien hay otros que piensan torpemente que la ciencia contradice la religión. Cuando de hecho, la ciencia y la verdadera religión se complementan y se apoyan mutuamente.

La creación y la evolución se apoyan y complementan.

Es solo una cuestión de tener…

JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

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