Attitude is a state of mind which, like thinking, can be passive/natural (i.e., effortless) or critical/active (i.e., requires effort). In addition, because of Entropy -the second law of thermodynamics- energy moves in one direction, from order to disorder. …

Yes, it is the biggest opportunity in at least 70 years for organizations to truly transform themselves.

The last big opportunity was in the 1950s, when IBM saw the urgent need to gain agility in the face of uncertainty, which the world had never experienced before, unfortunately, their good intentions…

Blaming plastics for all the pollution around them is like blaming guns for all the deaths around them.

Wake up world!

Plastics are much more efficient at fulfilling their purpose than most of those supposedly “environmentally-friendly,” or “bio-degradable” alternatives, especially paper, yes, paper!

I have yet to see paper biodegrade…

You must have certainly heard this so many times but perhaps never wondered what a foolish and pathetic statement this is.

Think about it!

It is an easy cop-out, an “acceptable excuse” for any type of incompetence and/or failure.

Yes, no one is perfect. However, we have all been called…

Seguramente debe haber escuchado esto tantas veces, pero tal vez nunca se haya preguntado qué afirmación tan tonta y patética es esta.


Es una excusa fácil, una “excusa aceptable” para cualquier tipo de incompetencia y / o fracaso.

Sí, nadie es perfecto. Sin embargo, ¡todos hemos sido llamados a…

We humans, and all other creatures, dislike anything that pushes us from our comfort zone. Fortunately, unlike all other creatures, we can know and do better.

Few events have pushed the global population from its comfort zone as Covid-19 did. …

A los humanos, y a todas las demás criaturas, no nos gusta nada que nos saque de nuestra zona de confort. Afortunadamente, a diferencia de todas las demás criaturas, los humanos podemos saberlo y hacerlo mejor.

Pocos eventos han sacado a la población mundial de su zona de confort como…

Never ceases to amaze me how, in plain 21st century, there are still people who believe in a magic god, a Merlin god.

They take the scriptures literally and truly believe man and woman were created from mud and brought into life by the breath of their Merlin god.


JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

Tropophilia Creation & Development.

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