We humans, and all other creatures, dislike anything that pushes us from our comfort zone. Fortunately, unlike all other creatures, we can know and do better.

Few events have pushed the global population from its comfort zone as Covid-19 did. Yet, very few humans have been able to see it as a blessings in disguise.

You see, every negative thing we experience in life can be a blessing in disguise if we choose it to be so.

Yes, it is a matter of attitude.

Your car broke down? Maybe that saved you from having a deadly accident.

Did your family…

A los humanos, y a todas las demás criaturas, no nos gusta nada que nos saque de nuestra zona de confort. Afortunadamente, a diferencia de todas las demás criaturas, los humanos podemos saberlo y hacerlo mejor.

Pocos eventos han sacado a la población mundial de su zona de confort como lo hizo Covid-19. Sin embargo, muy pocos humanos han podido verlo como una bendición disfrazada.

Verás, cada cosa negativa que experimentamos en la vida puede ser una bendición disfrazada si así lo elegimos. Sí, es una cuestión de actitud!

¿Tu coche se averió? …

Never ceases to amaze me how, in plain 21st century, there are still people who believe in a magic god, a Merlin god.

They take the scriptures literally and truly believe man and woman were created from mud and brought into life by the breath of their Merlin god.

God, The Almighty, is not a Merlin god.

Then, there are others who foolishly think that science contradicts religion. When in fact, science and true religion, complement and support each other.

Creation and evolution support and complement each other. …

Nunca deja de sorprenderme cómo, en pleno siglo XXI, todavía hay personas que creen en un dios mágico, un dios Merlín.

Toman las escrituras literalmente y creen verdaderamente que el hombre y la mujer fueron creados a partir del barro y cobraron vida por el aliento de su dios Merlín.

Dios, el Todopoderoso, no es un dios Merlín.

Tambien hay otros que piensan torpemente que la ciencia contradice la religión. Cuando de hecho, la ciencia y la verdadera religión se complementan y se apoyan mutuamente.

La creación y la evolución se apoyan y complementan.

Es solo una cuestión de tener…

Human behavior never ceases to amaze me, for I believe there is nothing more complex in the universe than our feelings and emotions.

I have often pondered how wonderful it would be if we could adopt into our daily lives the same joyful and carefree attitude we experiment when traveling to a vacation destination knowing that any inconvenience is temporary, for it is just a matter of time before we reach a dreamed vacation.

Have you ever wondered the same thing?

It is a matter of fact that we are literally traveling through time and space at speeds beyond our…

El comportamiento humano nunca deja de sorprenderme porque creo que no hay nada más complejo en el universo que nuestros sentimientos y emociones.

A menudo me he preguntado lo maravilloso que sería si pudiésemos adoptar en la vida cotidiana la misma actitud alegre y despreocupada que experimentamos cuando viajamos a un destino de vacaciones sabiendo que cualquier inconveniente es temporal porque es solo cuestión de tiempo para que lleguemos a nuestras vacaciones soñadas.

¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado lo mismo?

Es un hecho que, literalmente, estamos viajando a través del tiempo y el espacio a velocidades más allá de nuestros…

Humans have a evolved for thousands of years a brain that tends to brand and categorize everything, for it makes it easier for us to deal with the world around us.

This ability, however, will also prevents us from “seeing” further once we have already branded or categorized some one or some thing.

And this is called narrowmindedness or prejudice.

When we see or hear about some one doing something bad, we immediately, and even subconsciously, brand that individual as bad or evil.

In the same vein, when we see or hear about some one doing something good, we immediately…

Los humanos hemos desarrollado durante miles de años un cerebro que tiende a etiquetar y categorizar todo, ya que nos facilita lidiar con el mundo que nos rodea.

Esta capacidad, sin embargo, también nos impedirá “ver” mas allá una vez que ya hayamos marcado o categorizado a alguien o algo de alguna manera.

Esto se llama estrechez mental o prejuicio.

Cuando vemos o escuchamos que alguien está haciendo algo malo, inmediatamente, e incluso inconscientemente, marcamos a ese individuo como malo o malvado.

De la misma manera, cuando vemos o escuchamos que alguien está haciendo algo bueno, inmediatamente, y de manera…

When a sudden random event hits you, it makes you stronger if it does not kill you, i.e., it helps you become tropophilic. In other words, it makes you more than antifragile. It makes you able to benefit from it and deal efficiently with chaos and uncertainty and, therefore, benefit from the impact of future improbables.

From biology, we know that heterosis (i.e., hybrid vigor or outbreeding enhancement of the offspring) comes about when the best traits of the parents are passed onto the offspring, as opposed to inbreeding.

A simple example of proactive heterosis or saliency is human vaccination…

I have been so fortunate that despite having had at least three encounters with death, that I am fully aware of, I am still among the living.

The first encounter took place, believe or not, before I was even born!

You must be wondering what am I talking about.

Well, this first encounter had a happy ending thanks to my father’s powerful desire to bring my mom back to life when he was told that she was dead. …

JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

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