Blockchain: The Power Of Mathematics & Decentralized Hierarchies!

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The world loves technological innovations!

Why? Obviously, because these make our lives better.

Blockchain will transform the world as we know it by not only democratizing wealth creation but also by eradicating corruption and bureaucracies (centralized hierarchies).

Just when the world’s democracies are going through tough times (e.g., Trump, Brexit, etc.), a bright beam of hope is beginning to shine upon the face of the Earth.

One of the main reasons behind the troubles of the world’s democracies, besides the issue of corruption, is that these democracies have been representative democracies, i.e., pseudo-democracies.

A true democracy has to be participative and has to involve the majority of its citizens!

The problem with the lack of participation has been based on multiple reasons, inter alia, lack of transparency and centralized hierarchies (i.e., bureaucracies). The lack of participation became a self-fulfilling prophecy, weakening democracies around the world.

Now, thanks to the power of mathematics through blockchain and its wonderful decentralized hierarchy, participative democracies can finally emerge based on transparency, integrity, and trust!

The world will be looked at BB (Before Blockchain) and AB (Anno Blockchain)!

Blockchain will not only allow for the emergence of truly participative democracies around the world but will also generate unlimited jobs!

Just like the internet democratized knowledge around the world, blockchain will democratize wealth creation, giving a major boost to global stability and prosperity.

To The Power Of Mathematics, Decentralized Hierarchies & Blockchain!

JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

President & Founder

Sustainable Systems International

About the author: Dr. Wandemberg is an international consultant, professor, stock trader, and analyst of economic, environmental, social, managerial, marketing, and political issues. For the past 30 years Dr. Wandemberg has collaborated with corporations, communities, and organizations to integrate sustainability through self-transformation processes and Open Systems Design Principles, thus, catalyzing a Culture of Trust, Transparency, and Integrity.

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