Culture Optimization

Purpose: To optimize the efficiencies of the organization, while eliminating/reducing its inefficiencies.

Work Chronogram


  • Company History: Chronological events to present date. Vision and Mission.
  • History Revision: Identification of items to maintain, create, or eliminate.

Desirable Future:

  • Trend Analysis: Probable and desirable futures.
  • Desirable Future: Most desirable and achievable future projection for 20XX.
  • Strategic Plan: Establishing specific and measurable total key performance indicators/TKPIs.
  • Organizational Redesign: Redesigning for efficiencies optimization and inefficiencies elimination/reduction.
  • Requirements for Efficient Work- Organizational Design Tool

[Decision-making, Learning, Variety (-5 to 5+)] [Mutual Support & Respect, Significance, Desirable Future (0–10+)]

How to Get There:

  • Skills Matrix
  • Action Plan: Conducting SWOTT and PESTLE analyses, SMART goals prioritization.
  • Integration & Prioritization: Strategic goals and TKPIs prioritization.
  • Skills Matrix: Inventory for implementing strategic goals.