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Just because Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge” should make us wonder why is it so.

Knowledge did not exist before someone imagined something that gave rise to a piece of knowledge, or further developed an existing piece of knowledge.

Regardless of how vast it may be, knowledge is always limited. Imagination, on the other hand, is unlimited!

Imagination, thus, is the precursor of knowledge, without it, there would be no knowledge, or further knowledge.

This leads us to the question: When/how did all get started?

Well, just before the Big Bang, there was nothing. Nothing, except perhaps Imagination!

Once Imagination imagined a dimension of time & space, the Big Bang took place and the rest is history.

Some writers can do a lot of harm by confusing people with their narrow-minded perspectives reflected in statements such as “a process with no Intelligent Designer [evolution] can create intelligent designers who can then design things that permit us to understand how a process with no Intelligent Designer can create intelligent designers who then design things.”

These tautalogical arguments are the best evidence of these writers’ inability to comprehend imagination and the fact that evolution not only had an Intelligent Designer but a genius one!

Nothing at all escaped Imagination before the Big Bang. That’s how genius its design was.

Not a leave falls from a tree without a higher purpose or design conceived before it was even created.

This leads us further to the question, how is it that a limited conscious mind is able to imagine anything without any limit?

The only explanation is given by the embodiment of all physical and mathematical laws, as Stephen Hawking once put it when referring to “God.”

It is the ‘Spark of Divinity’ within us that gives us the ability to imagine beyond the comprehension of a limited conscious mind.

For Atheists or agnostic people it is easy to discard an intelligent designer for that is the only way they can subject reality to their narrow-minded and limited models.

And it is not a matter of faith either, it is simply good old common sense. Suffices a simple glimpse at the universe, or at a small insect, or a flower, to realize what Stephen Hawking really meant when he said “the embodiment of all physical and mathematical laws.”

Yes indeed, imagination is much more valuable and important than knowledge and the source of our imagination is Divinity itself!

Here’s To The Health Of Your Imagination!

JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

President & Founder

Sustainable Systems International

About the author: Dr. Wandemberg is an international consultant, professor, and analyst of economic, environmental, social, managerial, marketing, and political issues. For the past 30 years Dr. Wandemberg has collaborated with corporations, communities, and organizations to integrate sustainability through self-transformation processes and Open Systems Design Principles, thus, catalyzing a Culture of Trust, Transparency, and Integrity.

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