Organizational Design

Most people live in a “too-busy-now” mentality pushing themselves -consciously or unconsciously- to thinking that they are being productive, when in fact they are not.

A “too-busy-now” mentality, by default, makes people reactive instead of pro-active and certainly not productive.

The idea of continuous learning and improvement becomes simply unattainable under these circumstances and the “too-busy-now” mentality becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How to break this downward vicious spiral to allow continuous learning and improvement to be built into the way people work every day and turn it into a positive self-fulfilling prophecy?

Being busy should not be viewed as a badge of honor, or as an excuse for not being able to do the critical work required during each day. The “too-busy-now” mentality shows a deep cultural issue, namely, a lack of a clear objective, and a rather “safe way” for workers to say “No” to the required work.

Mission and Vision Alignment are the prerequisite for Team “Autonomy”

The purpose of any business, in general, should be to contribute to a better world, in the way it works, how it…