The Economy Of Common Sense

What is common sense?

Common sense has also been define as ‘Ecological Knowledge’ i.e., Social perceptiveness, which is the ability to understand others’ thoughts and the environment around. This ability highly correlates with higher commonsensicality and that is why each person’s idea of common sense is uniquely their own, making the concept less common than one might believe.

Common sense has to go hand-in-hand with refined knowledge, better known as ‘Scientific knowledge.’

It has been said that “all men are created equal.”

Although this may be true from a philosophical perspective, it is certainly false, not only from a geographical and social perspective but, even more importantly, from a psychological, genetic, and spiritual perspective. And this is good. Actually, this is more than good, this is great!

For starters, because of the strength of diversity. Can you even imagine a world where everyone were alike? Can you imagine what it would be like if every human aspired the same thing at the lower level? Yes, of course, we all aspire to be rich and powerful but to most, it is just an illusion because they have more immediate, very specific, and individual aspirations to worry about.

One of the greatest benefits from this aspiration diversity is the balance this…