What Is God?

From a rationalist perspective such as that as Baruch Spinoza or Albert Einstein, the concept of God is often approached through logic and empirical evidence, rather than relying on religious texts or dogma.

Rationalists view God as an abstract concept, subject to examination and critique, using principles of rational inquiry and scientific analysis.

Some rationalists, like Saint Thomas Aquinas, found it easier to state what God was not, rather than what God is, because the mere concept is beyond comprehension from a limited mind. Hence the importance of faith.

I like to think of God as Love. This perspective helps us reconcile God’s views from both, the rationalist and non-rationalist perspectives.

But how can one reconcile Love with destiny, evil, and free-will?

First, we must define Love as infinite good in every possible and impossible shape and form.

But then, how can Infinite Love allow or even will evil upon humanity?

Infinite Love will never will evil upon anyone or anything because that would be the antithesis of Love.

Why does Infinite Love allow evil in the world? Because of free-will.

The problem with free-will is that most people wrongfully think of it as the ability to do as one pleases. In fact, doing…