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What Unique ‘Thing’ Can You Offer?

Most interviewees fail to mention the most important ‘thing’ that they can bring to any company or institution.

Even recruiters miss this unique “thing” from every single interviewee!

Let’s see if you can think of it?

As dean of a school of business and as professor in different colleges and institutions around the world, I have asked my students: “What is the one thing that only you could bring to any business or institution”?

I have yet to get the answer I’m looking for!

You may have thought about a given experience, or academic background, or even some specific skills, etc. Yet, I bet there is at least someone else in the world with better experience, academic background and skills set.

So, what is this “thing,” unique to each of us in the entire universe and that everyone can bring to any company or institution?

If you said your own perspective, congratulations!

By your ‘own perspective’, I do not mean your opinion, or understanding about something. I mean, literally, your ability to see through your own eyes. Obviously, no one in the entire world can do this and, in a world of increasing relevant uncertainties and systems discontinuities, this is precisely what every company needs because, chances are, they will face a situation whereby your unique perspective may hold the key to the solution.

And that’s why your unique perspective is your most valuable asset!

Some may think that time and/or health are your most valuable assets. They are not, for these don’t belong to you and, thus, you can’t buy or sell either one.

But you can do wonders with your own perspective!

Think about it, in a given time and space the entire global population may be looking for a solution to a given problem and the ‘key’ to the solution can only be viewed, physically and pragmatically, from a single given perspective that only you have because only you are located at the precise time and in the exact location.

Unfortunately, within the still pervasive bureaucratic organizational structures, a unique perspective is irrelevant, for these structures were deliberately designed to restrict human behavior.

Given the growing fragility of our global systems , mostly due to increasing relevant uncertainties and the pervasiveness of dominant hierarchies , i.e., bureaucratic structures, what all companies and organizations need is to transform their restrictive bureaucracies and become much more than just resilient and antifragile, namely, Tropophilic.

This need is patently obvious to some. Yet, most CEOs and OD & HR experts seem still unaware of it.

Here’s to the Health of Your Organization!

JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

President & Founder

Sustainable Systems International

About the author: Dr. Wandemberg is an international consultant, stocks trader, professor, and analyst of economic, environmental, social, managerial, marketing, and political issues. For the past 30 years Dr. Wandemberg has collaborated with corporations, communities, and organizations to integrate sustainability through self-transformation processes and Open Systems Design Principles, thus, catalyzing a Culture of Trust, Transparency, and Integrity.

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